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Getting a little closer to the origin

Our aristocratic residence takes you back to the 14th century and enchantes you with its uniqueness.

Like the residents of the Ciastel in the 14th century, we try to cultivate our own products and to use only the meat from our own animal breeding for the creation of our traditional dishes. The aristocrats had to use materials from their immediate surrounding for the interior spaces. This tradition we carry forward and pay moreover attention to choose only ecological building material.

Even though sustainability awareness is important, in the centre of our work are only our guests! In this regard, the maintenance of a homely atmosphere and a friendly support with one another is very important for us. Your sustainable holiday should in the end not be one of a many.


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Your host family

Sixteen years ago we started to rent our first apartments. Since then we are constantly ambitious to extend our offer. In fact, each single one of us has a passion for the hospitality industry and gives therefore his best to make your vacation to a unique and incomparable experience!


Our Osteria

Finish your splendid day in the unique atmosqhere of the aristocratic residence with South Tyrolean culinary delights and a good glass of wine.

Since our dishes are primarily prepared with our own farm products the menu changes according to the season and the availableness of the ingredients.

“Eher zufällig sind wir auf die Osteria Ciastel gestossen. Von aussen und innen total schön restauriert, tolles Ambiente. Das Essen war so klasse, dass wir noch ein weiteres Mal hingegangen sind. Wirklich mehr als empfehlenswert!”



Our contribution to the enviornment

We read a lot about environmental problems and their consequences. We believe that complaining is not sufficient. Indeed, each one of us makes a contribution to this change and thus each one of us has the responsiblity to counteract. That is why we see it as a duty to make our contribution to the environment and stick to it!

DThe first and for us personally the most important factor is the support of our local economy.

Consequently, we engage for construction work, or any other type of work which cannot be done by ourselfs, only local companies. For example, the wood for our apartments originates from a forest in the Latemar region and was customized  by a local carpentry.

The regional focus does not only affect our infrastructure. Indeed, it can also be transferred to our restaurant area.

Our Osteria serves only local products with most ingredients coming from our own farm (e.g. meat, eggs, potatoes, jam…). All the other products, which we cannot produce by ourselfs, are only bought from South Tyrolean producers. However, also in this case we try to choose partners which have a certain degree of environmental awareness.

Accordingly, we attach value to short delivery routes and to products which are storable for a longer period in order to decrease the number of deliveries to a minimum.

NBesides our emphasis on regionality, energy savings are another point on which we pay attention.

Therefore, we try to keep the energy consumption as low as possible. This can be achieved by a good thermal insulation, the usage of clean and renewable energy sources, the usage of  energy-saving lamps and the installation of motion sensors.

Of course, in the apartments each guest is responsible for the amount of consumed energy. Furthermore, amongst other things, you decide on your own how often laundry will be changed. In this case, we have special dosing systems to prevent wastage during each washing cycle.

DThe last point which perfectly displays our enviornmental consciousness is the aim to reduce waste and unneeded packaging material.

Of course, there are some legal provisions that have to be fulfilled and hence it is not possible to waive it completely. However, we try to keep the amount as small as possible and are separating it strictly.

For example, for our homemade products we prefer to use larger packaging units which can be reused afterwards.


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