Discover the Dolomites with your mountain bike!

On the brick of the nature park of Sennes-Fanes-Prags lies the village San Vigilio which is the perfect starting point for different types of mountain bike tours in the Dolomites.
Ranging from relaxed tours on forest roads, to fast-paced descent from the Plan de Corones, and to steep descents from the different Dolomite saddles. As you can see, San Vigilio offers for every type of mountain biker something.

Also completely new beginners have the possibility to try mountain biking. In this case, the Gassl trail is ideal to start with.


Our most beautiful trails

To simplify your choice, we provide you different GPX tracks for your smartphone or one of our GPS devices. These different tours start from our house and bring you to the most beautiful spots in our region. Enjoy the nature and entrust the search to us!


The mountain bike region Plan de Corones

At the moment, the mountain bike region Plan de Corones offers you four main trails with some alternatives with different difficulty levels which guarantee descent joy and some lovely days in the bike park.

In addition, you can find one trail in our place which leads you all along the Piz de Plaies from which the trail has also his name. It offers you many jumps and curves.

In order to provide you a good overview of the different trails of the bike park you can find descriptions of the best trails below!

The Herrnsteig trail leads from the Plan de Corones to Riscone. In all you overcome in total 1300 meters of altitude and eight kilometers of length.

The trail line is not that easy, but multifaceted: you start with big turns and then after crossing the tree line you can enjoy the first jumps.

The middle section, instead, offers steep curves, small jumps, and also some fast parts. The last section is more calm, but you can still try to be fast or to make some drops with your bike.

Next to the architectonic fascinating  Messner Mountain Museum Corones  begins the Furcia Trail, which  starts at the Plan de Corones and ends at the Passo Furcia.

The trail starts above the tree line with steep turns and offers at the beginning of the wood two alternatives. The first alternative includes some airtime and big jumps on the new constructed jumpline. Whereas the second option continues with steep curves. If you ride in a group, you will face no problem because the two trail parts are reunited before you cross the upcoming street.

In the forthcoming trail parts you have again the possibility to choose: either you take the demanding option or you pick the flow trail. These various options are optimal for groups consisting of members with different riding skills. The final section is rooty, but can be avoided thanks to a forest road.

In a nut shell, the Furcia trail is our favourite because the trail combines everything you want to experience on a ride – steep curves, big jumps, or rooty sections. Moreover, after a short descent from the Furcia Pass you arrive right in front of our house and hence you have the possibility to enjoy your lunch in our Osteria.

The Gassl trail is the newest one in the bike park Plan de Corones and leads you eight kilometers next to the peace bell down to Valdaora.

Specifically the upper part of the Gassl trail until the intermediate station of the cableway is beginner suitable and convinces with its beautiful view over the Upper Valley of Val Pusteria.  Besides, the Bike School San Vigilio offers different courses for beginners if you want to join!

The highlight of this trail is for sure the possibility to get filmed in the upper part. In order to take advantage of this opportunity you simply start your ride and in the next cable car you go to and have a look at your own mountain bike movie!

Furthermore, it has to be mentioned that the trail is for sure not boring. Indeed, it offers in the later parts some fun-filled curve combinations or smaller jumps. And last, it is like any other trail of the Plan de Corones always in good conditions.

The Piz de Plaies Trail is a fast trail which is exciting due to its various curve combinations and jumps.

Along the 390 meters of altitude difference you can improve your curve techniques and your overall skills. Indeed, it is a fast line and thus this will give you a sense of being in a roller coaster with the one exception that you can control the ride.

If the Piz de Plaies trail will not satisfy you then you can take the shuttle bus up to the Furcia Pass where you can find the only bike park which exists in South Tyrol.


Michael is available for any concerns regarding beautiful trails

Michael is enthused about mountain biking and hence you will meet him in his free time on one of the trails in the bike park or the near routes.   Therefore, if you have any questions regarding a tour or you need a specific tool, then you can simply ask him for a favor!

Moreover, if you would like to improve your riding skills then we can recommend you the Bike School San Vigilio di Marebbe.


Your shuttle up to the Furcia Pass

Your day in the bike park already starts right next to our house. If you want to start with the Piz de Plaies trail then you have only to drive down 100 meters until you reach the main road leading to Enneberg. However, if you want to go to the bike park Plan de Corones then you can take the shuttle next to our house which brings you up to the Furcia Pass for free.


Discover the beauty of our mountains!