The International Street Music Festival on the slopes of Kronplatz
Sun skiing and live music in the Dolomites. This is what the big event promises,
which makes the street music scene from all over Europe the protagonist. For
four days Kronplatz becomes a sound ski world: on the ski slopes, in many huts,
on their sun terraces and even in the area of some gondola lifts live bands of
different musical styles are going to entertain mountain enthusiasts, skiers,
athletes and sun-seekers.
The echo last year, on the occasion of the first edition of the international
street music festival on the slopes of Kronplatz, was great. The joy of making
music in the snow felt by the internationally acclaimed singer-songwriters was
just as great. They discovered this new concert format for themselves and
expanded their repertoire from rock, pop, blues and folk to Latin and Balkan
sounds for the 2020 edition.
The grand final concert at the summit of Kronplatz will take place on Sunday,
15 March 2020.
See you!
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All concerts of the Kronplatz ski & music festival are open to the public and free
of charge.

12 – 15 March 2020